2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello…saw your story on Tiny House Talk. I have lived live in a short bus conversion now for over a year and can’t imagine not living in it! I went to your site and read about your physical obstacles, at least about the wife’s. You mentioned that you both have physical impairments, but I could not find what the husband’s was. Nevertheless, I was wondering if you had outside help (besides your Mom, bless her) with construction skills or experience that could help you paint and do other things to help you out? I also wanted to know here I could find out more about your ministry. Thanks!


    1. Thank you for your comment, yes thank you we have some wonderful helpers yet most of the work is at slow pace with our hands. It’s serine working slowly with one another, quite romantic actually. Thank you for the concern yet we do have helpers when it gets too rough for us, also our son is 27 and is a great help to us and is an electrician apprentice so he is saving our “bacon” most always. Our ministry has been alive since 2003 and serves over 4000 people each year. It started from delivering bread and food to people in our community in need then turned into a full fledged warehouse full of supply, resources, education center, employment support through the state, food bank, sobriety support and overall God’s love. We do it all by volunteer basis, most all our team has been with us for many years, some from the start and we have a high rotation of community service support people who need good influence as they work through the barriers in life, we also have student services with high risk youth each week and work as a court mandated community service site. So many come and serve to heal or as they heal. As for my beloved husband he loves to work and serve yet he went through a motorcycle accident in his youth and has been a hard worker all of his life and has Di generative Disk Disease and has had a few recent surgeries, one was for titanium placed in his neck. We are still young enough, I’m almost fifty and hubby is fifty next month so we have lots of time to walk slow and build consistently instead of like lightening bolt speed. The joy of owning a hot tub also as we soak nightly and eat properly. Part of our testimony is that we are rising above with God’s strength not our own to work to be another voice to those that do not have one. You may find us on Facebook, Full Circle Outreach Center in Redmond Oregon. Also our personal FB page that is also our Mission page under, Ole Rebecca Hanson. We already live simple and live in action with being in missions, this step is another piece to the puzzle God has lead us too. Have a blessed day


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