“It’s like a living puzzle”… by Ole & Becca


Step by step we find ourselves bending the “rules” if there were any, by customizing pieces to fit the mold within our school bus conversion and tossing out the pieces that “say” they fit that we have purchased.  For us, using reclaimed pallet wood and fitting each corner just so, is the best fit for our needs and design.  At first we had a plan and drew up the plan as we began, only to find scratch marks and more paper being used for new draw ups.  We are working to use furniture that has a history within it from the antique stores or from our home.  Most every piece so far has required shaving off inches or taking off the base to fit in the way in which we need.  Each piece of furniture needs to be bolted to the wall for travel purposes.  It’s like a living puzzle.  As long as you breathe through the process and laugh off a lot of the plan you can find yourself enjoying the compromises of the custom build most often.  My husband and I are growing even closer as we do this together.  He struggles with my creative eye as he is black and white when it comes to certain things but all in all there is a bend in our two way road and we find it happily only to stand back and congratulate each other for riding the journey hand in hand.  In the end this is still another page to our love story 🙂

Happy puzzle making people!  Cheers to your bus conversion…

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