Midway to the highway…

Conversion from the front porch
         “Conversion from the front porch…”

Journey into our midway time frame for our school bus conversion.  With each next step we find ourselves falling in love with letting go of stuff and embracing Gods’ love, purpose and the deeper passion that is connecting us together through even more with our tiny home and BIG life journey.

Who knew this would mean so much and teach us so many new levels of life.  Some parts of project are challenging at best yet we are learning how to overcome the obstacles together and as a family.  Our oldest son is an electrician apprentice so he too is helping put his stamp on our new home to be.  Watching everyone that is willing to help jump in or even those sending us ideas on the web is an inspiration to journey onward. 

This last week we not only worked on the electrical parts, we painted more on the bus and are planning our signage as we would like to make the best of the bus sides for when we pass folks that may desire to follow us on our leg of the course or those that desire to create their own and need a friendly reminder that life is much deeper then what the white picket fence world contains of….literally 🙂   

Together we are finding ourselves purging more then just material things.  It seems once your start with the essentials, internally we are finding there are layers from within that clog our minds and distract the deeper meaning of this call.  Its more then a conversion on so many levels…so much more.

We are starting to count our dollars saved in terms of orphans that need support and shift away from self a bit more with each approach.  Could there be an increase of life with this decrease of stuff??? We believe and hope for a firm YES.

Reality is that we are so wayward and flawed that it takes radical attempts to alter our accounts in order to grasp God’s original idea of of what he created us for.  We will never, not ever be complete until we go home so this journey is a daily, moment by moment lesson.  And at this moment, we are loving the “purge” and growing passionate both in life, in our faith and in our marriage.  There is something to be savored when you paint a wall together as you created each piece of wood design and stand back hand in hand and ask  for each others input as it is our home to be.  We have become each others cheerleader.   Conversations of how to’s lead to conversations of “good idea” or ” wow that’s cool babe”  more intimacy growing as we build…who knew there was even more ahead on this level. 

Thankfulness, learning and loving….Will add more pics soon.  Thanks for hanging out with us today on the blog.   xoxo

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