2 thoughts on ““God’s love in a Blue Bird Bus Updated Photo”

    1. Hello Mary, thank you for your post, our son is doing the wiring as he is an electrician apprentice. I will ask him and get back to you, this detail is “over my head” lol. The lights we are choosing are solar lights, they look like mason jars if you look closely into the pictures I have placed. Also we have LED long life battery lights that we placed under the hutches and strategic places, you just lightly push and they come on. We have book lights with LED as well and use lots of candles. We do have a few antique lamps going in and I will also use oil lamps. We have slept in three nights now and enjoy the peace and meaning that comes with the rest within our bus Matthew. Our other bus will be our mobile outreach office bus and will begin that journey with bus Mark this next week. Please find us also on FB we are under Ole Rebecca Hanson, feel free to friend request. Have a terrific day


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