Opening the window this morning to begin my daily cleaning chores, I witnessed a buck stretched out on the grass beside our tree.  Quietly I gazed upon him, absolutely in Ah of God’s creation and wonder.  How stunning to see the peace in the Buck’s eyes as he had no worries for the moment in the middle of hunting season.  He found his hiding place.  I am blessed to know he found it beside us. 

Walking slowFeatured imagely to not alert him and cause his peace to flee, I sat feet away from him and to my surprise he did not escape.  Taking the time to breath the air he too was breathing, a sense of God came through the breaking of the breeze.  I look down at my feet and see my shoe, as silly as this sounds, I realized it was custom made for a foot with a high arch such as my own.  The sole was made strong enough to walk carelessly over jagged rocks and the leather soft enough to mold around my toes.  Someone took the time to slow down and think through a shoe and create it ergonomically for someone like myself who suffers from neuropathy and who needs support for the vessel connected to it.  

It’s funny how connected we become when we slow down and minimize the volume knob of the world.  So much distraction all around.  It is no longer shocking to see the world crumble when media, material and self consume the thoughts, eyes, ears and mouth of humanity.  Worldly distraction is such a tease.  It stalks to consume and take away and yet it is pushed by man alone and not of the simplicity of what God originally created and so freely gave. 

Building the bus and moving the world away with the giving away the things we have accumulated through the years only, for the most part, only to collect dust or cost to repair from the capture of time and use.  The simplicity of the authentic rebuilds a depth of appreciation and wonder once again.  I am feeling closer to my faith of God and my relationship to my husband, children and the purpose God hath given so graciously today.  My animals that I care for teach me more in the feeling of the grass as they play instead of passing over them as I submerge myself in something commercial.  When I gaze at this deer with the process of removal of material gain, I soften and grow. The deer’s eyes are so large and captivating.  He does not sense danger from me as I am free in the breeze as he is right noFeatured imagew.  Taking away is only to gain. 

Breaking away from the chores of conversion for this time allows me to focus more on what the sounds and landscape around us will be like when this journey is established.  I can’t wait to hear and see the children that will benefit from our letting go and the gain of building more of what matters.  The glimpse into saving an orphan instead of accumulating more toys that only take away the meaning of this life and love we are sent here to contagiously spread is far more hopeful then what I could find in the shelter of a commercial life. 

I’m painting the bus right now as I wait for my husband to come home from work.  It will be special to sip tea with him and visit about the beauty of the deer that stayed still for me to gaze upon God’s creation of him.  It’s good to know he finds safety with a life that would typically look to take his for their belly to be full.  I’m appreciative of this day.  The bus home journey is one more way to deepen my life as I grow less and less into this world and strive to step out of it’s conformed ways.   There is a planet out there that I desire to walk upon and gaze upon it’s wonder with a baffling mission to seek more of God’s omnipotence as I step out instead of in. 

Simplicity….I’ll take it!

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