“Starting to feel like a home”…

20150924_185215Our Blue Bird Bus, otherwise known as Matthew, is starting to feel like a real home.  We could not resist sleeping in it for a few nights to see how it feels to sleep in our bus bound home.  The conversion has a long way to go yet we threw on a few blankets and packed the dogs in with us and snuggled for a few nights of surprisingly peaceful slumber. 

Here are a few updated photos of our midway conversion.  All the wood is upcycled pallet wood all customized from the loving hands of my beloved husband Ole.  Our oldest son, 20150923_163220~220150924_065758~2  20150923_164211~2 20150923_161634~2 20150923_164256~2Zackary, is working the electrical as we continue to insulate the inside of the bus walls before we add the reclaimed pallet wood siding.  The bathroom has been modified with a water troph bathtub/shower.  Most of the plumbing is in as we wait for the water tanks to arrive.  20150924_185357

Water tanks will be stored underneath our beds to further keep them insulated.  Many folks mounted their tanks under their buses only to find the water freezing.  Storing them under our bed will prevent this from happening.  We raised our bed to accommodate the tanks.  20150924_185317

Next step is raising the frig, building the bathroom walls and adding the bathroom and finishing the kitchen.  We found an old hutch that stores all of our kitchen items comfortably.  I will be adding a concrete counter top to the hutch as well as around the sink.  Everything will have a home.  The colors are blue as picked out by my husband.  Carolina Blue to be exact and I have added red, grey and blue accents all throughout, yet decorating the bus is about a month away from this attempt.  So far we slapped a few blankets and dog rugs in so we can work comfortably and take a nap in between as we are old 🙂  LOL.  

Please let us know your comments as we post, this helps us know what more you would like to see and hear about.  Will blog at you later xoxo 


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