“Sharing our home bus, Matthew and our mobile outreach office bus, Mark…teaching as we go”

20151008_132941(1)~2Enjoying the early fall days as we share our bus home and bus office with those seeking alternative lifestyles and upcycled living.  Our home bus is parked in front of our Full Circle Outreach Center-our non profit warehouse that serves over 4000 lives each year. This month we are scheduled to speak in Oregon at a handful of uniquely targeted audiences and share the life possibilities when choosing to live outside the box. 


Our bathroom and kitchen are coming together nicely and will be completed into early November.  The pictures display our pallet wood siding in the inside of the bus from our windows.  The windows still move up and down with ease.  We decided to hold off on the entire bus painting conversion until Spring of this next year, however we have restored all the original black paint and added white pain to enhance the bus character.  The paint we used is tractor paint, super thick and difficult to paint with.  Not able to use a sprayer so we did it the old fashioned way and painted by hand with sponge brushes and smaller art brushes from horse hair.  It took a longer time yet it was enjoyable to say the least.  My husband worked on the pallets and I on the paint as we both rocked out and visited with the windows open this summer.  Fun and bonding time. 


Our dogs enjoy taking naps on the bed as we continue to build.  This is the open view from our bed looking freely out the windows and over the pallet wood dresser, next in line is the propane heater and then the pallet hutch and the frame of the bathroom that is coming too as I type.  Our bus runs strictly off of propane, no gas.  So we continued with the flow of propane heater, propane stove and propane hot water systems.  Our frig and whatever small amount of electronics we use will be off the solar or propane generator. 

We have decided to use mostly LED battery lighting, solar indoor lights that look like mason jars and candles. Considering the save of light energy plus we prefer a softer, more romantic vibe.  With the blood disease, my eyes are tremendously sensitive to the light so at night our home has always been on the dim side.  Our home bus will easily brighten up with the help of these natural light sources.

Our goal is to teach as we go and everywhere we turn there is someone stopping us, messaging us to visit or speak at a forum of some kind.  We are highly open to sharing our testimony of life and the purpose behind our choice to live this way. There is so much to gain by living outside the box, embracing the kind requests to share has become an open ended part of our journey.  This last week we spoke at the high risk school and will go again with a full bus tour this month to further hope to capture the hearts of youth that may be living homeless now or struggle living in corrupted housing complexes.  Sharing the minimal cost and inventive ways to build effectively with a flare of style and simplicity is also a head turner for the youth and others that we are sharing our bus life with. People are blown away that each bus will be under $4000.00 from start to finish.   When we add solar this cost will raise a bit but all in all they are less then what most people own a car for and our buses have style, confidence and efficiency with each step within.  That cost even covers new frig, new stove, new heaters and some frills.  It’s deeply enjoyable to see it all come together. 

Keep in touch…will be sharing a journal page this week…and more pictures as we finish up the kitchen and bathroom and start the conversion into the mobile outreach office.  Students and volunteers of all ages are joining in the next project in November…will be a community wide project and share…love to all in Blue Bird Bus…

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