Learning curve…thoughts from our gift of a day


Last night, together we snuggled with our dogs as the winter nights began to sneak in.  Our bus bed is the same mattress as we have always had in our home yet its different as the dogs all crawled under our blankets as our feet and legs formed around their cocoon due to the cold seeping in the open window above our heads.  The blessing of having a loving marriage and a partner that walks through life with every new step is overwhelming sometimes in the middle of the night when you wake up and see the love beside you.  To have a love that is so willing to embrace a non conformed stance and live it out with joy no matter the learning curve, is baffling and worthy to be cherished.

Sleeping in the bus beside our home as we further build and prepare to live full time in our conversion bus, Matthew is quite a comparison.  If we could rip off our deck and attach it to the bus it would be perfect!  I keep looking around the house as we transition for more things to get rid of, only to realize we have quickly narrowed it down.  The funny thing is for about two weeks, I had to weed through the urge to go and gather up or buy what I let go of.  I spent a few shards on my Zulilly account in that time buying a few more skirts that I really did not need.  The learning curve of “letting go” swung back into “no, I still need it”…and the why I asked myself over and over until I realized this is even more evidence to purge the urge and embrace being content with what matters and turn off materialism and media input that stalks to suck us back in. 

The media stimulation from our cell phones, Facebook, online, tv or whatever is just madness. Mental overload with want and comparison steering the “thing train”.  Its so easy and so excepted as “normal” to everyone in America.  There was always a peace in the mission field, the eyes of the people carried such joy to simply feel and be loved.  It was heart to heart combat creating the joy not the superficial creation of stuff that formed the smiles and the acceptance. I miss that.  In some small way choosing to live minimal in and a world of access is our way of standing apart as we clear the view for what counts most of all in this life. 

Building the buses is teaching us a depth that I did not know was this easily in reach.  Owning an outreach center that holds a firm mission for thousands a year built the foundation into tangible purpose with Gods love and guidance waving us through.  I love to be in the cold night with my husband beside, I can count hundreds of reasons why.  There is so much to be thankful for and when you minus out the material worlds superficial equation, the true heart of it comes alive within and thankfulness outweighs the wants.  I want to live side by side with my husband hand in hand no matter what goes on around us.  I want to live to teach others to embrace God’s love and direction filled with life changing purpose so the ripples create a tsunami of change.  May my ripple be beautiful enough to change the colors of the tides it dwells in.  I’m happy to be here and to learn outside of the box.  Love to all today from our Blue Bird Bus.  

3 thoughts on “Learning curve…thoughts from our gift of a day

    1. Nice to hear from you, one of the ways to build that in your kiddos as I am sure you know, is to have them serve often in a setting caring for others. I raised my sons in our home with foster kids and in our mission. They grew up serving. Both my sons are now adults, our oldest is 27 and our youngest son is 25. They both go and buy prepared food and go and sit next to the guys on the corners with their dogs and actually break bread and visit as they feed their dogs too. The down fall sometimes is they also pick up lots of hitch hikers, yet they both have strong discernment from the years of serving. Their gratitude of life overall is astounding. They are happy with just the time to be together. I’m happy to know they see others and reach out naturally without it being even a second thought. Love to you today.


      1. That’s so wonderful to hear! We actually go to church in a low-income housing area with a lot of culture different from the neighborhood we live in, including many homeless people and it has been teaching them a lot already. Also with my being involved in an anti-human trafficking organization and my involvement with Gospel For Asia, they have learned a lot about slavery and poverty and the world outside of our own and it has caused them to have a lot of compassion on others! I pray that they’ll be missionaries (if even in our own communities nearby). Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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