“Togetherness…in a blue bird bus”

Last evening we traveled with our home bus, Matthew to a high risk youth school to teach on, how to live a life of purpose and teach alternative housing.  There are so many homeless along with toxic couch hopping, that our hearts are strongly led to dig in and further teach alternative housing to youth as the tiny house movement is a growing healthy life strategy that leads to financial freedom if lived out wisely.  Owning our outreach center for as long as we have, the years and years of giving warm blankets and supplies to those living in their cars with children is simply not easily swallowed and not except able on any level for the sake of the kids or the ones that have no tangible choice. 

Watching my husband as he spoke last night at the school as he took me by surprise and asked as I walked up to begin, that he would like to speak also.  It was liberating to see my strong yet quieter by nature husband unleash his passion for change within the lives in front of us that we serve and lead even stronger in the alternative lifestyles that sustain so many lives today.  The togetherness while building side by side our bus living life and serving together at our mission, has taken yet another beautiful leap of growth.  I am so thankful this morning to journal with a content heart and one held up by a man of God who is willing to let go of the material life and lead further in this journey we are set upon.  Not too many men would see this crazy idea from a wildly creative out of the box kind of wife and actually grab the torch and run with it.  I’m so thankful to be equally yoked and equally driven to give it the best shot we possibly can at the life we have been given.  To us “tiny” is the “biggest stretch we can make today” for living with purpose. 

We spoke last night on “non conformity.”  To most, especially youth, with the constant media raping the minds so early in life to look , be, think and buy.  It’s crazy!   I saw a commercial the other day of a product where they used a template from the 50’s.  This young lady who was dressed like a “lady” was laying on the couch turning a magazine as she sipped a beverage.  Today’s portrait of a youth is not so kindly interactive or content by something so simple, let alone dressed without skin popping out everywhere.  I am a tradition kind of gal yes indeed, yet I embrace the culture at bay or I wouldnt love to take my every Saturday to teach 18 to 50 kids each week.  I get it!  Yet we are responsible to teach better the simplicity of life and the step out of the box thinking or we get stuck in a trance of commercialized living and loose the peace that is so easily out the front door in a bird singing or a walk to be taken and in our faith unto God.

Togetherness, to us is not just with each other it is extending a hand to teach further from the mistakes we too have made from our past and turn out today to something other then self centered focus or material competition.  Togetherness is productive and a design we were made to live by both within our marriages, our families, friendships and community. 

Thanks for the love given as we further grow in our Blue Bird Bus journey.  Have a blessed day….

2 thoughts on ““Togetherness…in a blue bird bus”

  1. Hello, we just found your blog and love hearing your story of bus conversion. My husband and I are considering converting a school bus into our simplified home too! We are discovering issues with insurance. Would you please be willing to tell me more about how and who you have insurance through. The difficulties that we are seeing, just might be a deal breaker if we cant find anyone to insure us during the process. Thanks in advance for the reply and information.

    We really love your simple and crafty approach to your conversion!

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    1. Thank you so much for your post, not sure how we missed your comment. Please forgive us. Yes we too had a hard time, we live in Oregon and we use Progressive. We even called Progressive on a few occasions and they said they did not cover conversions, yet we had an insurance friend of ours make the call to them and it sure enough happened. We have excellent coverage through them and are very thankful. Let us know if we can help in any other way. Where are you living? We have learned so many things with bus living and the set up of it all. Would love to help if we can give advise. God bless your life and conversion, my advise…just do it! Simply and live out life we only have today


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