Blue Bird Christmas…

In the rain, Christmas approaches quietly.  New journey into our hope of living in the foot print of our bus home, once again is on hold as our bus~Matthew, parks again in our driveway awaiting a hopeful piece of land to call home.  20151115_084838~2

From the window our doggies keep a watchful eye on Matthew.  Life takes a unique turn of events, my beloved husband has been requested to move further into the company he works for, we moved to the valley in Oregon to be close to work and closer to the OHSU hospital for my medical care.  In two weeks notice, we packed up our bus and headed to our new home in the valley with dogs a wagging.  Our mission back home in Redmond continues with our team leading the way as we extend services to the area we are further called too.  Building more as life’s adventure moves forward. Traveling back and forth will be the motion now to keep the home fires burning at the center back in Redmond and building more as God allows.

Excited to journey out in an area where tiny house living is more excepted, nothing but road blocks for parking hit us.  Overwhelmingly one “no” after another due to the year of the bus and it being a “conversion” came our way.  It was sad to see all the love and support from folks only to hear an “Im sorry though we have policies of no conversions”. It seems no matter how special the cause or the high quality of conversion, no one allowed us in.  All the tiny house communities that we reached out too are also full, a few folks reached out to others to try and find farm land to rent, none so far have panned out. 

Our efforts stretched from Portland all the way southbound into Salem.  Salem itself has banned any “accessory dwellings” completely.  The RV parks have strict policy to not allow conversions, many welcomed us due to the nature of what we do and owning a non profit with an offer to allow tours was helpful, yet they only allowed no more then a one week to two week stay.  Very disappointed to see the welcome mat in sight only to have it taken back shortly after. 

What seemed to be a positive step found many barriers into parking.  A special life long friend of mine found a wonderful man that has rentals who also rescues dogs and had a home in the industrial area of town.  The house needs some love and we are just the ones to help that process out.  For now, Matthew lives in our driveway.  Our house qualifies as tiny, barely 700 square feet.  When our kids and friends come to visit we use our bus as a guest house and continue to build more.  It seems as though, buying land to live alternatively will be the ending option.  Time will determine this final step. Until then, we have Mathew close in view.  Its fun to be in the industrial area of town, as no one cares about our bus taking over our driveway, its cute actually.  Can’t wait to plant flowers and build a pretty fence and further help our kind landlord with home remodel.  Its all for a greater purpose…waiting to see how all unfolds. 

Christmas from our Blue Bird, with love to all of you.  Christ is the reason for the season, may we not forgot.   Move forward daily for greater purpose, we are not promised tomorrow.  The moment is happening right now, are you living it?  Love to all…Merry Merry Christmas







2 thoughts on “Blue Bird Christmas…

  1. That is disappointing about the tiny home parking issues! I have heard of those things happening to people but didn’t know it stretched in such a vast area. I have only known people saying that Walmart allows people to stay overnight on their lots and that was it. That is so sad to hear considering how beautiful your bus is and the reason why you are doing what you do! Just as Christ had nowhere to be born, you have little area to park!!

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement, yes its baffling. The awareness that this is bringing for others is somehow reassurance even still that we are in the right direction. Even though, Matthew is parked in the driveway, our voice is being heard for those that do not have an option even to park and live quietly until allowed to have land. God has a great plan, there is nothing wasted. We are seeking in prayer a turn of the bus into the mobile mission until we can find land for us. This may be Gods plan all along…he always clears the way for His will to be unveiled. The home we are currently in is classified as tiny, and is in commercial area so the bus is safe with us here. Bringing the bed out and other pieces like kitchen and bathroom and placing shelves with supplies for folks in need is a beautiful option none the less. One way or another, Matthew will live the call. Love moves forward and only grows deeper when we choose to see the flower in the seed that is still not fully bloomed.

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