Time flys in a Blue Bird Second…


It’s been awhile since my last post.  Adjusting to the valley life, finding God’s new path in missions beneath our feet has been quite a journey.  A loving lesson in the deepening of my faith.  Salem life is beautiful as it holds much hope for a mission future.  The need is literally in front of me daily. Taking time to listen as we walk the town and form the upcoming mission.  Serving under the bridge as we build, joining hands with other loving groups as together we build unity among us for those in great need.  To my husband and I, it is like taking a fresh warm shower as we see the steps leading into the next piece of Gods journey for the mission He called us to build.

The prayer of Jabez, comes to mind over and over.  As he prayed that God would expand his territories.  To us, moving to Salem, our home town from long ago, is God’s way of again sending us out further as he expands within us and the ground work in missions that He has built back in Redmond.  Expanding territories back to our child hood home in the city that has darkened from when we were little kiddos being raised in a friendly neighborhood, with lemon aid stands safely on the corners.  Not the same Salem that is for sure.

Our home bus, Matthew, is now enjoying his call to become more of a mobile mission then a home bus for now.  Shelves are being set up as my husband and I organize our Blue Bird beauty and create a setting that holds all the needed supplies for folks in need.  When we last served under the bridge, we saw in our hearts eye our bus being more of a blessing if it were to hold mass supplies and go where the people that have lost hope are and openly give out needed supplies in order for them to see love and find hope again…at least a piece of it. 

our tiny house has become the shop and office as we build on.  Each week the two of us prayer walk together with laughter and fellowship consuming our walks and time in the inner city.  It has truly been one treasured diving meeting after another.  God is not wasting any of his time, this round of building missions has fastened to a plan much quicker then the early stages of creating the outreach center back in 2003. 

It’s funny to us now as we glance back, a building simply does not feel so mandatory anymore.  My sons and I built FCO from the back of my car, delivering bread to folks in our area which quickly turned into random people from the church’s dropping by donations.  Within three months we had our garage full of things we did not plan on ever giving away and low and behold, each donation had a specific home and person that needed exactly that.  My faith leaped over mountains from the moment God lit the match within me to obediently go forth and simply love those within my reach and passionately care about their well being and lean on faith for provision as we delivered and built relationship with those struggling with no one to care for them otherwise. 

It’s like opening a Christmas present each time we step out of our tiny home in the valley knowing we will have a divine appointment at least once in a day’s time.  The meaning of a new day given rings with a new tone in our hearts. It’s even more of a gift to have a valued loving partner in my husband to create God’s second Full Circle Chapter.  Love is growing…INDEED from a Blue Bird Bus….talk to you all soon…In Christ….Matthew 25:31-46





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