Our journey deepens as mobile missions comes alive…

It seems fitting that the sun would brighten up the sky today as I write out the caption above.  Of course the sun would shine in the midst of a rain storm when announcing God’s journey within us is deepening.  Our home bus, Matthew, lights up preparing for the journey ahead.  Our home bus is now on hold as we pile up shelves and create a mobile mission in place of our bedroom and kitchen.  For now God has given us a cozy tiny home with a large driveway to house Matthew on the days we rest and park in preparation for urban missions.  Salem has outlawed tiny houses and conversions yet Gods provision offered us a commercial/industrial space that we are allowed to park and live in. God always has his way.

My beloved husband and I have created new outreach signs for the sides of our bus. Organizing the week away with labeled baskets and plastic tubs full of supplies for individuals and families in need.  We have already began serving under the bridges in Salem, building up the routes that God needs us to travel upon.  Joining hands with other local church groups and agencies in order to identify and connect with those already in service.  It’s not ok to reinvent wheels, it is for us to be an active part of the body that is already in service.  Joining hands is a true term and one to live by. 

Our warehouse in Redmond is secure once again, the local community spoke up on our behalf and we are able to keep our home of four years running now.  The irony in our outreach warehouse is it is the old school districts bus barn…yes I said it, BUS BARN.  Makes sense right?  Of course it does.  I also must add a giggle here….lol.

Through the years of service and building of the Full Circle Outreach Center, a high majority of time is spent traveling with supplies in our cars out to folks in need of loving support.  It’s as if God gave us a promotion by allowing us buses now to move out with among st the streets and the needs of the lives that dwell there.  It’s an honor to go out in the city and spread hope and Gods love.  Thanks to all who pray for us and who reach out in messages of encouragement and support.  We need not the accolade, it’s the display of love that is confirming and needed as it is heavy most often with what we see and serve among st.  Love to all today, will post again very soon.  Move move move for His Glory to unfold, today is all we have. 



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