Street missions in our Blue Bird Bus…

Love to all, simply saying hello…quick update, longer blog to follow. Our home bus Matthew, began our journey into mobile missions down into the city streets in Oregon.  Outreach pictures are not something we like to do, as we spare the dignity of others by no pics…yet we know God has allowed us a loud and loving voice for those that we serve that are not heard most often.  Therefore we are sharing a few pics of us to reassure those that are seeking God’s call to love those around us that there is more to do for Christ and love is the key.  All it takes is willing obedience and love…the crowds gather around our bus everywhere we go…so many filling with hope and love and supplies, every trip out our bus supplies run empty from ceiling to floor, as our hearts grow fuller…Blue Bird Bus journey has only just begun.  Living tiny in order to do greater things for the Kingdom of God.  This is our love story, thanks for joining us…more to come.  Love to all…Matthew 25:31-46


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