Mobile Missions Continues…

Loading up our bus Matthew, supplies pouring out along with warm coffee as we go down into the city streets spreading Gods love and hope.  It’s the little things like showing someone that they are not forgotten.  Giving dignity to those that are shunned, you know those that do not care to feel the love simply do not join us much anymore.  The crowds form around the back of the bus and smiles abundant w/deep gratitude now that we are establishing consistent love and support.  Two of our guests at the bus took off their shoes as an offering to us for the gift of new ones.  As they unlaced them to give to us on their own account, they joyfully gave back with willing heart and as thanks for us coming and not forgetting them on this day.  Deeper blessings rise up with each obedient trip into the darkened corners of where God has placed us.  Bibles were a consistent request this trip, it was precious to witness them beating us too the gifts of Gods word before our mention of the gift.  Beauty in the ashes all from the back of our old school bus home.  Mobile missions on a shoe string carries more hope and love then a building built out of gold.  The joy that overflows from our days of serving are mending our hearts along with those we help and serve.  God is deeply faithful w/the simplistic obedience in loving thy neighbor.  Enjoy the few pics we have added today.  More blogging to follow…We love because he first loved us!  Never forget

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