Sending us out…

Who knew that an old school bus that carted hundreds of kids throughout it’s lifetime would find new purpose carting supplies out to families and individuals in need.  There has to be a song about that somewhere right?  Well, you would at least think so if you were to experience the love that flows out the hand cranked windows and folding doors when parked while serving within.

My beloved husband starts the burble of the bus engine and the angels start singing, sometimes I believe I can hear them making their joyful noise as to cheer us on so God alone is Glorified.  The days we prepare for our trips out, we sit in the bus with our dogs and quietly inhale the hope that God is building with the supplies from within.  Our message is a simple message, nothing sparkly about our approach.  Just love deeply and give what we have and leave a lasting mark of Gods hope to those that feel forgotten.

Early in ministry I dreamed of big buildings filled with outreach missions, it’s funny how that dynamic has changed after years of serving in the streets.  I would wish for a building only to house the homeless from India to the states if allowed not to have a bigger building that only opened the doors occasionally, the lock would have no purpose as the doors would always be open in my dreams that I lay awake with now.  Ever more now I dream of a fleet of buses full of supplies that travel care and love to where the people are.  It’s a true examine of the scriptures…going where they are, running after the one.  Why have a building and lay in wait for them to come if they do not feel home enough to stay.  Going out to them through this beautiful God given journey of mobile missions has recaptured my heart from the early days of outreach before the warehouse was built.  It started out of my car with my sons and friends helping fill it up w/bread to bring to those that were hungry within our reach.  We are returning to our roots…God is sending us out once again.

The road trip to the corners of where we park and seek out have become a parade in heart as we pass curious drivers on the streets.  It’s time to create reader boards of inspiration for the bus so we waste not any opportunity to witness of what is most important, Gods love.  The world sucks us in and traps our true purpose away from loving our neighbor as thyself.  I sit back in the seats of the bus and vividly remind myself that I too have wasted so much of Gods time living out of His purpose.  Materialism and self centered living has saturated our thoughts and personal goals, only to leave the forgotten, the dying with only a handful that gives of themselves to spare their lives that have no solid voice.  WE must serve louder!

Today in the time it takes someone to read this simple message, thousands upon thousands upon thousands, have died already or have been taken captive or have been left alone to agonize without any sign of love or rescue.   Why?  We all talk about it on the news daily and during our services and coffee dates.  So why then do we give of our voice at all if we do not truly choose to be apart of the life changing ripples?  I must throw my pebble into the river of change and pray that I run even harder against the waves that work to distract me from what I am here to do.  I have the highest calling of life that could ever be….I am a child of the living God!  He has called me out, I must fight to listen, I must be obedient to move for him no matter what I have, don’t have or am.  In my brokenness He is made new.  I’m thankful for the bus and the supplies that fill it up each week from our warehouse, yet I will serve on the feet that God has given no matter!  I need only Him and with this truth I must share it with those that are crying out to be loved.  Its why we are here!  I have so much to learn, so much life left to give, thank you for listening.   I pray it moves someone out there to do the same and more!  Love Love love (Matthew 25:31-46)

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