Journey on!

Back home in Salem after a long week in Redmond, preparing for the warehouse closure.  Since the start of our Full Circle Outreach Mission back in 2003, my heart has tripled in size while God built the foundation of more to come.  Our journey deepens and now God has provided an even clearer vision for what is next and has united my husband and I completely for our hand in hand journey as God leads us out.  Journey on!

Redmond will continue to be served through Full Circle Mobile Missions, it’s time we all go where the lost are and get outside the “walls”.  In the quiet times while in Redmond preparing for the transition, I talked with open heart to Father God.  Tears, laughter and joy all wrapped up together.  How beautiful to know that what God started out of my car with my sons in tow is now returning, only this time my car/mobile missions has grown to a blue bird bus named Matthew 25.   How perfectly orchestrated.  Our warehouse was also the old bus barn in Redmond, it all connects somehow, every time.

On my face in our sanctuary, I cried so much that I could feel my heart almost break.  Only to find God’s peace abundant as He held my hand showing me this is far from the end, only a new bigger beginning and now with my husband fiercely beside.  God is growing our territory, a prayer that has been on my lips an in my heart since the beginning, it is actually here.  What seems to be the end of one is really the beginning of a deeper journey.  I find myself stunned at what a little bit of obedience and surrender can do when God is in it.  There must be so much more, so very much more ahead.  The years of birthing FCO in Redmond has constructed within me a lifestyle of serving God and has ingrained an eternal focus that is more apart of me then the very skin that I live in.  There is nothing left to do but further journey out where God leads.  His zeal is overwhelming

Last summer when we received the keys to our bus and began the conversion, we both knew that we would be going where the lost are and moving deeper away from the comfort of what was familiar.  God has given us a front line promotion, packaged in a blue bird bus.  The first time we pulled out the seats of the bus to make room for what was to come, the blue birds landed in front of us on the hood of the bus as if to reassure us we were preparing to fly away.  As a little girl I always sang songs and dreamed bigger then my small frame could hold.  When God first brought my life into missions in my home town of Redmond I experienced that same child song and my dreams have multiplied  into Mexico, India and throughout my home state.  What a gift to be here today to blog my heart out, hoping one more simple soul would indeed branch out, let go and let God drive the purpose he divinely created within.  Being back in my hometown of Salem, where I grew up with our mission bus sitting outside my porch ready to go and my passport burning for the next country stamp, I can only giggle like the child I once was.  I am overwhelmed at the journey I call, my life.  I am so thankful to live outside the box and to dance freely in the wind wherever God’s favor falls.   There is no end, only more eternal roads leading to His heaven.  My road is traveled in a big yellow bus with an iron cross on the side of the door and a hand painted blue bird on the back and a big sign that reads…Full Circle Outreach Center.  I would not have known God would have permitted me to own a non profit that serves over 4000 lives a year along with international missions blooming like a ripe fruit filled tree.  More to come?  Oh my yes…hand in hand with a husband who loves it like I do.   Love Love love from our blue bird bus to all of you.





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