Forward movement we step

“Along for the ride” seems to be a slackers kind of phrase.  For me, the energy that God birthed me with, demands an immediate curiosity and emphasis on active participation.  My down time remains active, even if in spirit and mind.  It is truly how I am wired and I have come to embrace it no matter the season in life that I am in.

In forward movement we go, my husband and I always hand in hand.  His love for me and mine for him, has taught me the meaning of oneness.  I see why God created us to have a spouse.  Our plans even of the simplest kind are always connected somehow even when apart by miles counted on a roadside.  Our journey further into mobile missions has been an eight month practice ship and we are now full force into this leg of the race.  I call it a race only because we run for Christ’s love until His return.  Not to out do or compete with anyone.  To us we run after God’s love and design for our very meaning of the life graciously given.  In my quiet times, I sing aloud constantly to the King.  My act of worship has grown since I have been ill from this blood disease.  It has taught me to lean into a state of constant prayer and worship.  Not to mention being in missions adheres me to battling on bent  knees.   The song I sculpted for my King Jesus, sings over and over, “here I come a running, here I come a running to you, open my eyes Lord let me see, open my ears Lord open my ears and let me hear, here I come a running to you”.    In spirit I run to my all loving King. His arms are the goal that directs my path.   My love increases with each act of heart felt worship.  Deeper intimacy forms and my desire to move for Him leads me strongly.

The warehouse is closed now, the giving of the keys was not as difficult as I had imagined it would be.  I felt His magnificent peace and love over the thirteen years of deep commitment to the thousands and thousands of lives He called me to reach out to and touch for His Glory. There is nothing but joy in the accomplishment.  Through the closing of the doors of the warehouse building I felt an even greater opening of life for more to come out on the mission field beneath my feet that He needs me to focus upon.  The hardest part of the closure was the mourning for the people that will no longer have the safety and provision to run too and for the precious lives that called the mission their home.  I cried for weeks leading to the final days, every single day and even now as I type the experience out for you to read.  I have been mourning the loss of what was to come when the signs of need for closure came into view.  I fought longer even then what I believe God requested of me, out of my mercy heart for those around that I have grown to love like family and for the lives that still had not come.  Yet God’s perfect mercy over my own life carried me through the extension and taught me more valuable life lessons through the lingering on of it all.  My ears are clear for hearing today.  The final giving of the keys opened space inside of my mind and heart for what God’s mighty whisper is needing me to hear.  There is so much more to come.  The mission was like a graduation into the next phase of spiritual education.  Today it begins again…each new day another leg of the journey revealed.  Forward motion we go.  What an honor to be here for His Glory to unfold.

My deepest prayer on the last night at the mission is that the love that God has taught me was given loud enough to the people he gave me to help.  I prayed not for me as much as I prayed for the small legacy of hope that was given, for all the lives reached and yet to be touched.  My hope is that people’s lives were transformed by the love even if it were tough honest love, that altogether the ones God highlighted in the crowds saw Him and found His claim for their own.  I heard many people ask me, what about you, what is next, what is going to happen now?  How sad to even have to question when the community that the mission lived in held the highest majority of church’s and Christians then any other faith or a people.  There must be hope still, there still must be a home for all…the body dwells there.  I prayed as we closed that more of the body would rise and take the piton.  The contagious act of love that breathed within the mission also must inspire the body to reach out more deeply and get to know the very souls that long for His love.   Not any one person or entity can carry it all…I know we did not, nor were we suppose too.  It takes a village to raise a child…it takes the whole body to reach the nations.   There are nations without His hope today, there lives directly next door to each of us that are praying to the invisible wind for a light of salvation to come, not even knowing His name is Adonai.  Christ is the answer, how will they know if we do not unveil the overgrown trees and step into the darkened street alleys and bring His light.  We ALL must move…it’s an honor to be of service for His Kingdom.  True joy overwhelms even in the hard times when we have his confirmation over us.  His word teaches us and His word is readily in front of us. We must cherish His words in red and live them out as he commands.

I love that today, there is more to come for my life and my husbands.  Blind faith is a beautiful place to reside.  I know He is the all seeing, therefore I leap into His arms for the journey beneath my feet that He hath given.  Bend like the trees, love like the wind!   Thanks for listening, there must be someone out there that needed this today…I pray you too have ears to hear and eyes to see.   Love love love.






2 thoughts on “Forward movement we step

  1. I always read your posts too. 🙂 I get them in my emails when you make the posts and really need to also leave you comments.

    I love how amazing your heart for the Lord is. You see it so vividly expressed in how you word things. I am glad that you have such a great prayer life and allow God to move you each step of the way through this journey!!!

    Definitely no honor other than to honor Him in how we live.

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    1. Indeed He is our ALL in ALL….I also follow yours. I need to post on yours so you see that I have visited. I have many of my friends say they read yet very little that post a comment, it is helpful to know what we pour out is being heard. You are being heard also my friend in Christ.

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