All Dogs Welcome…

Summer heat has blasted it’s way into our bus no matter the shady parking spots.  All dogs welcome as our pack climbs their way into the bus as their little fury heads pop out the windows embracing what summer wind may swipe by.  Today we are in the bus, taking some well needed resting time as we work slowly on some of the detail work inside our yellow blue bird bus, Matthew.  Sweeping the floors, wiping windows then a drive into town to the local car wash.  It’s such a joy to see little kids waving at us on every street we turn down.  Pulling into the car wash bay with our 35 foot blue bird bus, surely makes quite an impact on the other folks washing their little comfort cars.  To those wondering, it costs us $16.00 to wash Matthew up in a wash bay.  It’s all teamwork, hubby has the scrub brush and I have the high powered hose, we have it down to a science in order to use the time wisely.  Click to wash with water, then click to soap up the brush then click to wash then click to soap up, then wash again.  The end of the bus forward, wheel wells are last and the hood and the back gets most the attention along with our Full Circle sign.  Laughter bolts out of the wash bay as when washing a big rig like Matthew, there is no way around us too having a shower…it’s a given.  Hot days are the best days to give Matthew his scrubbin!

June was the last month at our Full Circle Outreach Warehouse.  The decision to close the doors to the warehouse after 13 beautifully successful years of service was one of the most difficult decisions we could ever make.  One full year of prayer as life changes fully evolved  within our mission, led us to the careful final decision to go full time mobile missions and enter into international support instead of watching over the warehouse also from afar.  The distance and financial burden became more and more of an ongoing struggle especially now with the news of my health barriers progressing.  Leading the outreach center from afar played havoc on mine and my husbands hearts as well as my health.  The doctors have made it clear that overlapping exposure to large groups of people with a serious auto immune disease is like playing Russian roulette.  After our move to three hours away, the management of the center’s needs began to dwindle not by lack of love from our team family, simply by the need to have a strong leader in place consistently to watch over all the honey do’s that are a necessary for a mission that serves over 4000 lives a year.  Gods mission that he birthed within my life 13 years ago had grown up strong and bold for His Glory and required hands on passion full time to see her further.  Closing her doors was a bitter sweet decision.  Knowing it was time as God has clearly called us further out in mobile missions and further into International missions yet the warehouse had become a home to thousands and to all of us who served with whole heart.

With our warehouse now closed, a month later…I see the need for the release.  God is renewing us again for deeper service into the lives He is calling us to reach out too.  The pull from three hours away has stopped now and a firmer focus for where God has continued to plant us is growing strong.  A few of our long time sisters in service continue to carry out mobile missions in the Redmond area where the warehouse resided.  The legacy of the warehouse lives on it simply resembles wheels not a cement foundation. Ole and I are raising up a mission together now in the bus, it’s like birthing a mission baby with my husband and I love that!  I’m so honored that God has brought me love and has blessed my sons and I with a larger family, three sisters for my sons and a great bonus family with in laws, or as we say, In love’s.  It’s a beautiful day to be rolling forward and in our mission bus, it simply feels right.  Peace just submerges our air and joy taps throughout. Love just keeps overflowing.

It’s funny how God provides another way to continue serving his call no matter the barriers that come our way.  In obedience unto God, He will always have His way if we are wiling to stay the course.  I remember always going into the center carefully, knowing that hundreds of people had been through it’s doors, sanitizing was of the utmost importance and airborne awareness when auto immune diseases come to play.  I would almost tip toe in or lean on my mom to come clean the center before I arrived in hopes that a virus would not have it’s way with me.  It was a common break down of my system being in a well populated area, I would leave back to my home three hours away only to find myself super sick for a few weeks after until I left again.  My heart and mind were deeply attacked wondering how I could continue and remain healthy.   God brought us a bus…seriously how crazy yet beautiful is His provision.  Creative missions for a willing heart.  Being in ministry is our life now, it is more apart of me then my own skin.  It is where God has placed me without any doubt.  Through the free containment of a blue bird bus, my surroundings are protected and I can serve uninhibited from within.  The big back door opens and we are always outside so the air moves freely and the best part is, we are now where the lost and hopeless dwell.   They see a sense of home rolling in when Matthew arrives. It’s beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  I hear a symphony in my head when we pull in to our place of service.  It captivates me, even when I am feeling ill, God fuels me and passion ignites.  Our dogs come with and Matthew has become my sense of home also.  It’s a stunning shift of missions.  God always provides His way.

Well…I must run off, my pack is calling me 🙂  Love love love….from us to you…God is greater.  He will have his way no matter the barrier, when we choose to embrace His call regardless of what obstacles come our way.  God is greater!

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