“Seasons come and they will go”

Tapping around in my mind and heart today is a God song that I claimed as my own one day when I was worshiping in the outreach warehouse almost a year ago now.  The chorus repeats, “Seasons come and they will go, yet our God he remains, he is mighty, he saves.  Flood waters they arise, yet he is mighty, he saves.”  For some reason today it is all that I hear over and over as my day moves forward.  Finally I paused my steps and sat quietly staring into the blue winter sky.  Only to find the need to sing the words aloud, knowing that God’s ears were attentive to the voice of his child, otherwise known as “me”.

Finding peace in knowing an Omnipotent God hears all and sees all. Singing unto God above overwhelms me.  New pieces build the song in that I am singing all over again.  Its meaningful chorus comes alive as I pour out my heart words to the God of Glory.  I can not imagine the emptiness that I used to feel back in the days before I knew God’s touch and reality.  I’ve come so far in the knowing of His presence.  Worship is a daily place where I reside now.  In His presence I am whole again even on the most broken of days.  Seasons do come and they also go, yet HE remains, HE is so mighty and HE has saved me.  Truth in the words, there is no empty meaning anymore for me.  Everything has deepened within my life.  I’m simply not the same since the revelation of God has struck me.  My faith is not from my childhood, nor has any person given it to me.  I have not inhaled an inheritance of faith, I have witnessed faith of God for myself in Him alone.  My journey and decision is mine alone, God has touched my soul and eternally holds it.

In my lifetime I have stepped foot on so much soil from the states to other countries, I have observed many religions and many cultures.  There have been times when I was weak and searching, I veered towards people, false safety, false Gods…only to find a patient and loving God named Yahweh watching over me with a gentle whisper guiding me back home to his truthful heartbeat.  Seasons come and they will go yet all in all, He remains the same even when we in our flesh fail or become lost.  Yahweh remains the same and his watchful ways always remain over us if we choose to lean into his mighty reach.  The more the world over turns, the louder the quiet becomes within me.  There is strength in the quiet winter day with a simple song of love unto God from a small voice that freely sings on this incredible spinning planet.

What a joy to know there is more and to realize He has a name, Yahweh.

Today I am preparing for another trip out in the mission bus.  No better preparation than to be in worship unto the great I Am.  The one who knew me before I was ever knitted in my mother’s womb.  There is not average day or season, it is all miraculous…I pray none reading this miss the divine comprehension of the true depth of the meaning of today.  Love to all today, thank you for prayers as we prepare another journey out into Portland and wherever we are led to touch.

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